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Welcome at the Florida Dream Homes Realty!

Every day sunshine, beach and prickling lifestyle that’s exactly what you need to enjoy life? And you would like to enjoy this feeling on your own patio or balcony? When do you have time for a little chat? We have the right dream home for you in Florida – easy and fuss-free.

As an internationally driven brokerage we are specialized on the global purchase and sale of Florida properties – single family and condos focused on the preferred ocean locations where you can park you boat in the back yard and where the golf course is right around the corner minutes away. You have different interests? We will find a way to make it happen!

With the today’s technology is possible to go on the property hunt without being local. We are your eyes and ears in Florida who look for your dream home or condo and help you to become a proud home owner.

Of course you can look for yourself but not most online property portals are not timely actual and show sometimes properties which are no longer available or with listing prices from yesterday. Also new constructions are not offered on these online portals. Therefore it is the better way to choose a competent global performing partner who offers you an individual and personal service.

Our service guides you from the start of your personally designed property search to the successful property closing and includes also questions about Visa, Taxes and Finance. We are also your competent partner after the closing.

Many of the activities during a property transaction can be done before you come to Florida or while you are in your home town or native country by email, phone, Skype or video conference and at your arrival the important things are prepared for the successful property transaction.


Our services for you are:

Buyer Representation for the purchase of your new home or condo

  • Focused search for your personal dream home or condo in Florida. In die Fort Lauderdale Area we have more than 90,000 properties on the market inclusive short sale and reo (bank owned)
  • Besides resale properties we offer also new construction properties which are normally not presented on online property portals.
  • We guide you through the purchase process so that you become a proud home owner of your dream home in Florida and include also assistance for visa, tax and finance questions.
  • For foreign nationals or out of town home owner we offer services during your absence.

    This is the way to your dream home or condo: (Pleas click here)


Seller Representation for the Sale of your home or condo

  • Focused on the marketing with the optimal exposure for your home or condo to get the best possible sale price in the actual market.
  • Expert service for your short sale transaction by short sale expert (NAR Designation SFR) and also related question like taxes or legal will not be ignored during this transaction.
  • We guide you through the sale process to make the transaction smooth and easy for you and provide a solution for your legal and tax questions.

    Let’s Start today: (Pleas click here)


Consulting for your property question:

  • Expert service for the property purchase or sale in a short sale transaction (during such a transaction the home owner can sell his/her property but the lender has to agree to this contract): (Pleas click here)
  • You would like to know the actual market value of your property, no problem we can provide you the a broker price opinion (BPOR)  (Pleas click here)
  • You intend to remodel or alter your home or condo we can help you to get done so that you can move into a freshly styled home  (Pleas click here)
  • You are looking for an investment property we are your local partner and assist you to get a profitable property and become a landlord in Florida  (Pleas click here)
  • You already own a property and would like to lease the property during your absence? No problem we market your property nationwide and global.  (Pleas click here)
  • You need help with your visa, your taxes or would like to refinance your property we assist you with our network of competent professionals from the different industries. (Pleas click here)

    Let’s talk and we offer you the services to get it done. (Pleas click here)

As a global operating brokerage we are the anchor for your real estate questions and activities. We provide you with the solution for your real estate issues and connect you with knowledgeable companies for visas, finances and taxes so that your real estate dreams can be real tomorrow.

Our specialty is the personal consulting and service for international clients and investors. The provided homes and condos which are always special and individually tailored according to your client’s personal priorities and situation.

You would only have a quick look? No problem under the topic „MLS Search“you find interesting offers. (Pleas click here)


 You wonder what a mortgage will cost you in the US? – These are the interest rate are right now:

Primary Mortgage Rate for US-Citizen

January 09, 2014

                        Average Rate              Fees/Points

30 years            4.51 % *)                  0.7 %

15 years            3.56 % *)                  0.6 %

Here you can calculate your personal monthly payment for your loan amount.  (Pleas click here)


You are interested in bank owned properties because this is the least expensive purchase opportunity for you? – We can help you: our REO-List.

In this list you find reo properties in Broward County. This list is free.

The properties in this list have already finished the foreclosure process and belong now to the lender. The lenders offer these properties on the market for discount prices and they are interested in quickly transaction because there core business is lending money and the management of properties.

The real estate market in Florida has changed from a Buyer’s market to a seller’s market. The offered foreclosure lists are only make sense when they are actual and the buyer reacts quickly. The properties in the list are often sold in a short period of time therefore the foreclosure list in the existing form is no longer practical and we stopped this complimentary list.

Our valued customers and clients will get an actual list in the future for free.

The list is only for your personal/private use.
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